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The Fun of Greens

June 10, 2015

Sometimes, even I don’t feel like having my greens (crazy, I know). One thing that can make a daunting dose of veggies a bit more enjoyable is dressing them up with playful [...]

Soaking nuts & seeds

March 2, 2015

In order to capitalize on all the wonderful benefits of nuts and seeds, try soaking them; soaking nuts and seeds (and grains too!) makes them easier for the body to digest and [...]

Mix up the classics

March 1, 2015

Mix and match china from flea markets and discount stores to create your own, original dinnerware; no rules apply when it comes to personal style in your kitchen, but I always [...]

Stack it up

February 15, 2015

Make a pretty display with the little things; add dimension to a display by stacking various books and topping with a trinket of your choice, flowers or a beautiful candy dish [...]