A Football Party on Wheels

February 2, 2016

By: The Bay Club

We think the key to any good football party is a well-stocked bar cart—in fact, this may just be the key to really any party in general. And since you need to focus on finding the perfect shade of face paint and pom pom colors, we wanted to offer up some bar cart-spiration to make sure your next gathering is a total touchdown.

Now we went with the red and gold theme here, but no matter what team you live and die by, you can curate a bar cart that your friends would be proud to eat and drink from.

What you’ll need to build your own football party bar:

  • Green superfood granola
  • Roasted unsalted sunflower seeds
  • Freeze dried raspberries
  • Brown rice puffed cereal
  • Homemade granola (made with rolled oats, honey, cinnamon, sea salt and vanilla)
  • Jelly beans (I prefer Organic versions, like these by Surf Sweets)
  • Bunny shaped snickerdoodle cookies (these by Annie’s are delicious)
  • I first started with researching what actual bunnies eat – grains, fruits, veggies and so on. To my surprise, the list was plentiful, so I had a lot of ingredients to choose from! Since I was going for a sweeter mix, I opted out of including any veggies, and instead created a base of ingredients that was comprised solely of grains and fruits.

Keep it Interesting

  • When guests arrive, have them write down the final score of the game, as well as the winning team and offer a prize to the person who gets closest—now everyone is invested in the game!
  • If you find downtime (we’re looking at you, halftime) or need to keep your guests entertained before or after the game, consider football-themed charades. Have guests write down any football-related words, then divide into two teams, and well, you know the rest. Or get more people moving around by playing reverse charades, where only one team member is guessing per round and everyone else is acting out clues as a silent team.

So whether you’re the biggest fan, or someone who just came for the mini sliders, a football-viewing party is as good excuse as any to gather your besties—and update your bar cart!

What are your necessities for a great football party? Share with us in the comments section below.

Live Life Happy,

The Bay Club Team

Source: One Lombard: The Bay Club Blog