Fruits & Veggies Of The Season

December 1, 2014

By: Kimberly C.

By Molly My

Spending a weekend afternoon at the famers market is one of my favorite pastimes; filling my basket with fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables always inspires me to try a new recipe or host a gathering. I completely value and support local farmers; plus it’s a nice feeling to know exactly where your produce hails from, don’t you think? Not only that, but shopping regularly at the famers market has surely taught me a thing or two about embracing seasonal goods, not just because it’s eco-friendly, but because produce that is in season tastes so much better! Over the years I’ve learned to embrace an all-natural, simplistic way of cooking – you really don’t need much to make an incredible, healthy, cost effective meal. 

Ice Cream Sunday_d4-01

To help prep you for your next trip to the famers market, here’s a list of what’s in season, by the seasons; also, one of my go-to (super simple) recipes for winter squash: 

During a recent Love Detailed meeting at Farmshop in Brentwood, we got a little side tracked sharing favorite engagement photo locations; to no one’s surprise, I was quick to pull up these images for some inspiration. Too cute, right?

What are your favorite fruits and veggies of the season? 

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