February 18, 2016

By: The Bay Club

Journaling is more than just a way to catalogue special days and moments—it’s also helpful in reducing stress, stimulating creativity, and dealing with emotions. But in today’s busy world, a regular journal practice can also be challenging. After a crazy day, it can be pretty tricky to peacefully sit down and journal how you’re feeling about the day’s events. Still, those written memories give us something special to reflect on, to celebrate, to recall on days when you really need that happy reminder. So we’re introducing a less time intensive, and perhaps a more fun and inclusive way of journaling. Follow these five easy steps to modernized journaling.

1. Tuck away the moleskins in lieu of a simple kitchen jar.

2. Grab some foldable paper and whatever writing tool you prefer. If you’re going to have your kids participate, consider laying out some crayons or art supplies so they can decorate their drop-ins.

3. Write down one thing each day—big or small—that you did well. Whether you made it to your kid’s baseball game just in time for a great play, tried a new workout class that really challenged you, or simply did something nice for someone else, write down your daily win and drop it in the journal jar.

4. You can also open the jar to others in your house, letting everyone write down a win they want to remember. Kids will love using the craft supplies to make their wins extra colorful and creative.

5. The best part about the journal jar is that you can open up your collection at the end of the month, year, or just on a day when you need a pick-me-up, and read all the positive reminders of what you’ve accomplished.

Every win counts– and every one can win–when it comes to the journal jar.

What benefits have you found through journaling? Share with us in the comments section below.

Live Life Happy,

The Bay Club Team

Source: One Lombard: The Bay Club Blog