My Mini Outdoor Firepit

July 18, 2016
Making s’mores by a campfire always reminds me of the summertime. And though I live in an apartment in the city, that won’t stop me from enjoying life’s simplest pleasures. This past weekend my boyfriend came to town and it was the perfect time to experiment with something new. Fire, no matter how small the flames, can make me a little nervous, but I had a helping hand and we created a mini outdoor firepit using a spare planter (one I typically use to hold herbs in my kitchen). I’m excited to relay that it was in fact safe, worked really well, and was so much fun!

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • 1 plant pot (CAUTION: use something nonflammable – example: anything made from cement should be fine, but do be cautious)
  • Tin foil
  • Instant light charcoal briquets
  • Matches, or lighter
  • Plus, goodies for the perfect s’more!

How to make it: 

Clean, and dry your plant pot. Once dried, fully line the inside of the pot with tin foil, using any extra as cushion for the charcoal at the bottom of the pot. Then, stack charcoal briquets until you reach the top of the pot. Head outside, and safely light the charcoal. Ta-da, a mini firepit ready for entertaining over s’mores!

Do you have a yummy, out of the box s’mores recipe I should try? Share in the comments section below.