My Chickpea-Free Raw Hummus

March 16, 2015

To state the obvious: tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day! Will you be celebrating? Every holiday, my mom sends me a themed care package which always inspires me to throw a party (maybe that’s where it all started?!). This year was no different and, being that my mom is also a huge health nut, she inspires me to eat clean even when celebrating. St.

Patty’s Day is one of my favorite holidays to indulge in because (if you didn’t already know) I love anything with even the slightest mention of green – green veggies, green juice, Greenhorn, etc.; I also fully enjoy experimenting with recipes and adding in greens of all sorts however possible. With its green hue thanks to zucchini, my no-chickpea raw hummus recipe is perfectly fit for an Irish spread, the natural way.

Believe it or not, I didn’t buy a single St. Patrick’s Day “decoration” this year. Instead, to save time and money, I pulled out some of my gold chargers and green cocktail glasses from Christmas, a serving dish from Valentine’s Day and picked up green paper plates and plastic utensils in the birthday section of my local Target. I think as you enter your mid-20s, there’s a really tasteful, budget savvy way to still celebrate holidays without compromising personal taste and style by covering your tabletop with generic decorations you may only be able to use once a year; reusing items you already own is one of my biggest decor tricks and tips, I’ll share that a ton!

Have any green(s) recipes I should try? Share in the comment section below.