My DIY Coffee Body Scrub

February 17, 2015

This DIY coffee scrub is amazing – and I’m not just saying that because I made it, promise! To be totally honest, I’m super modest; I love bikini season, but like a lot of girls, beat bopping around in public with little coverage intimidates the heck out of me.

However, there are some things that make me feel much more confident when I’m baring a little extra skin – like soft, even skin tone (cough, this is where my DIY coffee scrub comes in) and a little color (try Neutrogena Sunless Tanning Spray Micro Mist, it’s one of my favorites). With the holidays/engagement season coming to a close, bachelorette parties and weddings/the warmer months will soon be in full swing, and this DIY scrub is a great way to prep for all that lies ahead.

Not the DIY type? No biggie, you can buy my scrub pre-made and packaged via my shop page, here.

So, why this scrub? Well, no matter how much you exercise or how clean you eat, cellulite can still be an issue and extremely stubborn for lots of ladies – myself included. I once considered over the counter creams (many of which included caffeine), but worried about all the other unnecessary (in my opinion) ingredients also listed; I was determined to come up with something on my own that worked  without lots of chemicals, wouldn’t cost a fortune, and was super simple to maintain. So, what contains caffeine, has a coarse texture that will exfoliate the skin, and is also all-natural? Coffee grounds! Add that, with some moisturizing coconut oil and a little peppermint extract/oil for an energy boost (it’s said to stimulate a part of your brain that’s responsible for making you energized and alert) and you’ve got a super simple, effective body scrub for yourself, or to package up and share with friends.

Some factors that are said to cause cellulite are toxic build up from an unhealthy diet, poor circulation, lack of physical activity and also, dehydration – just to name a few; caffeine applied to troublesome areas can help to stimulate blood-flow and improve circulation and in turn, reducing the appearance of cellulite. Also, the texture of coffee grounds mixed with sugar works to soften and even skin tone.

From beauty to recipes, I’m a huge fan of coconut oil; when applied to the skin (you can use it alone as a body lotion daily), its high saturated fat content helps you retain moisture. It contains vitamin-E, which is essential to repairing damaged skin (like stretch marks) and improving elasticity; its hydrating too, which leaves you with a vibrant, glowing bod you’re proud to show off, no matter the season. Add a cute bathing suit and you’re on the fast track to beach babe status!

Will you be trying this scrub?

Let me know how you like it by sharing in the comments section below!