My Easter Bouquet

April 5, 2015

Holidays are the perfect time to embrace seasonal blooms. No matter how big or small, having a bouquet on display seems to instantly make the day that much brighter. 

Rainbow carrots always catch my eye, I love the various natural shades of color, so this Easter I decided to incorporate them into a centerpiece.

Whenever my family comes together for a holiday we all get appointed “jobs” to manage in preparation for the celebration – if you didn’t already guess, mine typically includes some kind of responsibility for the tablescape. This year, I gathering up double tulips which I’m pretty in love with, they look similar to peonies and come in the most beautiful colors, plus some traditional tulips and extra greenery – then, got right to work!

Here’s the result…

Tulips are one of my favorite spring blooms, what’s yours? Happy Easter to those of you celebrating!