My Holiday Gift Wrap

December 7, 2015
Sometimes Mama really does know best and my Ma knows how to re-use and recycle in festive and fun ways, which inspired this share. This year, I’m taking a page from my mom’s book of tips and tricks (she’s no stranger to eclectic, unique ways of thinking). Newspaper gift wrapping has always been a favorite of mine, simply because it reminds me of my sweet Mama – and, it’s simple enough to be special; everyone is so used to seeing traditional gift wrapping this time of year, it’s nice to mix it up with black and white reads, adorning them with holiday embellishment.

What you’ll need:

The base: Newspaper (pick upbeat, informative, or silly stories/sections)

The ties: Ribbon or twine

The special touches: Choose 1-3 from the list below:

  • Ornament
  • Pine leaf
  • Spray glitter
  • Feather
  • Gift tag
  • Holly
  • Pine cone
  • Silver bells

My tip: Keep it simple by using the black and white section of the newspaper, or look for beautiful holiday ads. You can also softly spray the paper with metallic or glitter spray paint to take it up a notch (let it dry over night).

How do you like to personalize your holiday gift wrap? Share with me in the comments section below.