Power To The Plant

July 10, 2015

By: The Bay Club

“Let food be thy medicine.” —Hippocrates

Hippocrates was one of the first physicians to make the correlation between diet and disease. Until that point, most people believed that bad health was the result of an angry Greek god. Fast forward decades later, and Hippocrates’ words remain relevant to every meal we eat—each time we choose our food, we either improve or compromise our health. Here in San Francisco, we’re a lucky bunch for many reasons, one of them being the abundance and availability of healthy places to eat that don’t sacrifice flavor. We decided to taste-tour four of the plant-based restaurants scattered throughout the City, and we’re happy to report that all of these gems offering veggie-heavy, fruit-forward dishes will leave you happy, healthy, and feeling plantastic! Yep, we just went there.

Nourish Café

Tucked into the friendly, residential Richmond, Nourish is a relatively new kid on the block—and they’ve received a very warm welcome. In the mornings, hungry commuters grab healthy breakfasts on-the-go. During the afternoon and evenings, every chair in this adorable, bright café is taken. In addition to a welcoming ambiance, Nourish’s menu is stacked with real, nutritious foods, creatively combined to make crazy colorful dishes, like the Nourish Bowl and the playful Yam and Cheese.

We ordered toast for breakfast, but it wasn’t your average toast and jam. Nourish covers their delicious breads with incredible spreads, like creamy avocado and peaches with cashew cream. Yum!


You know those big breakfasts that you want to fuel you for the day, but they really just fill you to the brim? We found the solution to post-meal comas at Judahlicious. Its proximity to the ocean is just another perk of this understated raw and vegan café—its menu is what really “wow”ed us. With vegan waffles, hearty smoothies, and breakfast burritos, Judahlicious serves plentiful portions that are both fulfilling and energizing. We stopped in for a breakfast of veggie-loving champions and ordered the ever flavorful acai bowl. Their stocked dessert window offers completely raw options, which Judahlicious gets from a local vegan baker, so we also had to grab a few cookies and a slice of vegan cheesecake for the road.

Green Heart Foods

The subtle Mission storefront and minimalist design make Green Heart Foods an easy target to miss. Seating is (very) limited, but what this café lacks in strong presence, it certainly makes up for in a fresh, plant-based menu. GHF has options for every kind of healthy foodie.

If you’re gluten-free, you’ll love the Superhero Bowl. If you’re vegetarian, or strictly vegan, GHF offers three different raw breakfast bowls and vegan muffins. Their popular blue plate specials, which change daily, keep the menu fresh and interesting. We especially loved the Cashew Coffee, which tasted like a homemade coffee milkshake. GHF may be easy to miss, but after one visit, we think we’ll be regulars.

Gracias Madre

A skeptical foodie might wonder how a Mexican restaurant could convincingly reconstruct key ingredients in Mexican dishes, like cheese and chicken, by using plant-based substitutes. But Gracias Madre harnesses the power and flavor of plant-based ingredients to pull this off with flying vegetable colors! Traditional (and non-traditional) Mexican dishes are made with nut-based cheese that is, dare it be said, even better than dairy cheese.

We indulged in a spicy black bean burger, grilled corn, and guacamole (of course!) from their new lunch menu. The ingredients were super fresh, and we didn’t feel like we needed a five-hour nap to digest a cheesy, chicken burrito. Gracias, Gracias Madre!

Did we miss your favorite plant-based café in San Francisco? Or do you have recommendations in Los Angeles and San Diego? We’d love to hear them in the comments!

Source: One Lombard: The Bay Club Blog

Live Life Happy,

The Bay Club Team