My Six Picnic Essentials

June 3, 2016

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J.Crew Button Up, Zara Skirt (similar here), Rag & Bone Hat, Ray-Ban Sunglasses




Each warm month is an opportunity to start fresh, take a deep breath, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures by getting outside with your nearest and dearest friends and family! With idyllic temps outside and longer days in full swing, picnics and outdoor entertaining come to mind; everyone enjoys a good picnic! The Bay Club asked me to curate the perfect picnic — because, part of living life to the happiest is all about good times, with good people.

We all know a lush picnic starts with hardy snacks, favorite sips, and wonderful people, but there’s more! There are six essentials I never picnic without, so, in effort to help you throw the get-together of the season, I’m sharing a few things you might want to keep in mind for the occasion.


Here’s what I pack up for a dreamy picnic:

1. Duralex Picardie Glass Tumblers – you might think having glassware at a picnic is silly, but these guys are so durable, you’ll be thankful you have them! Originating in France, they’re stylish and functional (you’ll find stacks of them inside my kitchen cabinets!) — use them for water, wine, or juice, or even hot coffee! By adding some glass into your picnic mix, rather than simply the throw away stuff, you’re automatically elevating your gathering, and that alone is worth the special care that comes with glassware. Shop the look, here.




2. Throw Pillows – we often forget that spending an afternoon sitting on the ground isn’t always the most comfortable, so to add a little cushion, try bringing along throw pillows and/or Moroccan pouf ottomans (pictured) to your next picnic. These, from Jonathan Adler (similar, here), paired so well with classic stripes. Instead of using a picnic blanket, I opted for two large scarves from one of my favorites, Donni Charm. It’s important to remember that any time you’re styling a gathering, to keep the details true to you and your personal taste, and think outside the box — Donni Charm is my go-to, from scarves, to beach cover ups, and now, picnic blankets!




3. Parasol Umbrellas – with extra sunshine, comes a need for extra skin protection. No matter your age or the temp outside, keeping cover is so important. Parasol umbrellas (and a sun hat, and SPF, of course) is my biggest beauty tip for outdoor gatherings. They are lightweight and will keep you cool while blocking the blazing sun; you’re sure to get tons of use out of these charming umbrellas — also great to tag along to an outdoor wedding, graduation, and more. Bonus: keeping a handy fan with you, like these, from Paper Source, will give you an extra cool factor, quite literally!



Ps. Mario Badescu Facial Spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater is the best. Spray to replenish your skin from the heat, any time, any place — especially great for a travel enthusiast, and gal on the go!

4. Game Set – so once you’ve started to snack, sip, catch up, and you and your guests are taking in the beautiful day, you’ll need something fun to laugh over. For me, I always, always, keep a game nearby, whether it’s a deck of cards or a table set like this adorable Jonathan Adler Tic Tac Toe option. Games are classic crowd pleasers — especially if the guest list includes any friends/family that might not have met yet, some friendly competition makes for a fun icebreaker! Note: stick with the games everyone knows and loves; if you get too complicated, some might be discouraged to join in.




5. Eco-Friendly Utensils – being from southern California, I grew up in a household that goes the extra mile to keep our oceans, and bodies, clean. My family taught me at an early age to support products that are not only good for us and those around us, but also for our lovely mother earth! Thankfully, nowadays, you can find so many wonderful products that are also good for the environment, which is a huge bonus. When I can, I try my best to pick up eco-friendly options, like plastic utensils; they tend to look the same, and always get the job done like any other product, but just so happen to be better for the environment — it’s pretty hard to find any downside!


6. Cupcake Trays – yup, you heard me, cupcake trays, for serving! This is a new discovery of mine that I’m obsessing over at the moment — cupcake trays for serving make for a simple, picnic essential. If you know me well, you know I love flea markets and finding little trinkets; during one of my recent trips, I stocked up on some inexpensive vintage cupcake trays, which I originally used for storing jewelry, then got to thinking about entertaining, and realized that utilizing them for snacks (nuts, olives, etc.) cut out almost half of my need for serving bowls! When you set out for a picnic, chances are you already have your hands full — cupcake trays are easy to stack up, pack up, and use when space (and hands!) are limited. Note: stores like Anthropologie have beautiful options, here’s one I’ve had my eye on.



There you have it, six essentials to include within your next picnic – trés chic! Enjoy.






Have you done any picnicking yet this season? Share your essentials, and favorite snacks in the comments section below.

xx, Molly


Photography by Vanessa Tierney