April 27, 2017

Spring, ah… I can smell the flowers as I type! This season is all about blooms, a little bit of rain (but mostly sunshine), and a whole lot of color. Since winter can keep us indoors a bit more, springtime is the best time to get outside and explore.

With busy work days, social obligations, family, etc. it’s not uncommon to aim higher than you can reach at times. Shaking up your routine and trying something new can be a lot easier said than done! I get it. So, what do I do to help motivate me? Create a bucket list. I share it with friends, my boyfriend, and even family, because chances are, some of the items on my list might also be something someone around me also wants to try or do as well (and it can be a lot more fun to experience things with someone by your side).

So this season, I challenge you to write up a bucket list and check some items off. When you write something down, it’s a lot less difficult to forget about too! Tape the list on your mirror, write it in a planner or journal, and revisit the list often. You’ll never use the word “bored” again — I guarantee it.

One of the items on my bucket list this spring was to visit a tulip farm. I love flowers, so seeing them in rows and rows sounded like the best day ever! During a recent trip to Oregon to visit family, I stopped by the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn and it was magical. It rained a bit, so things got a little muddy, but thankfully, I came prepared in my favorite Hunter boots!


Have a bucket list already? Or, starting one? What’s something you’d like to do this season (or in seasons to come)? I’d love to hear what’s on your list. Share in the comments section below.

xx, Molly