My Style: 5 tips on styling a bridal shower, or special event

March 15, 2016

A bridal shower is a very special occasion, so when EVP of The Bay Club Company, Annie Appel, asked me to style a bridal shower for her cousin, Jayne, I was eager to get started. This was such a fun event  to be a part of. From the florals to the table details, the goal was to simply create an atmosphere for a group of very special women to come together for an afternoon and celebrate the future of one of their nearest and dearest. I tapped wedding industry pros, Love Detailed for some tips to keep in mind through the process, and got right to work! Gold and white, with pops of pink accents filled the space for a feminine, á la mode luncheon. Scroll below for a look into Jayne’s shower, and 5 tips to keep in mind when throwing your own special event:

  1. Luxe Linens:

LD: Adding luxe linens will instantly elevate the look of your table. We love La Tavola as they have linens for every occasion, in every color. These linens are excellent quality, and really upgrade any home event.

MY: It’s so true, luxe linens make a huge difference in elevating any gathering. For Jayne’s shower we chose a sheer, gold linen (which looked much like sequins, but was actually made with leather detailing!), and went with a very neutral cloth underneath. Since the tables were quite long, we rented extra cloths (two per table) and let the excess drape, tucking it under the table for a dress-like effect. Custom linens can be pricey, so when renting, it’s best to opt for something slightly larger rather than too small.

  1. Speciality Flatware: 

LD: Renting flatware is so accessible these days. Matching your flatware with your linen (like Molly did) adds instant glamour and gives off a chic and elegant feel.

MY: Gold is absolutely having a moment, and if you didn’t already guess, I am all for it! The leather detailing on the linen really inspired this flatware choice; the matte finish complimented the overall tablescape by still adding glam, but with a casual, less fussed approach — perfect for an afternoon luncheon at home.

  1. Chargers: 

LD: We are BIG fans of chargers. They are so versatile, and add that layered table setting look you see on Pinterest. Trust us, chargers are a timeless piece you will use for every occasion at every event. You can invest in a set you love and will enjoy for years to come, or rent from any reputable company (these are from Encore Events Rentals).

MY: I agree, wholeheartedly with LD here — chargers are incredible for layering, and are so versatile (plus, for photo purposes, they make a setting pop). These chargers ended up being a really beautiful option for Jayne’s shower; the gold beaded edges tied all of the elements together, and the clear glass base didn’t overdo it. Note: if you’d rather buy than rent, you can find really inexpensive, quality charger options at all sorts of home goods stores — meaning you can keep them for awhile, or just for a season or two! In addition, because of their larger size, chargers also make for great serving platters when not being used traditionally.

  1. Mixed Match Glassware: 

LD: We know Molly is a flea market fan, and so we suggested she bring together an eclectic group of glassware. We told her not to worry about it making it match perfectly. In fact, the style and charm of the glassware embodied the event’s look and feel , and made for a beautiful photo opp!

MY: It’s true, I love a good flea market trip, and a lot of my inspiration comes from the unexpected. Annie and her mother both have a gorgeous collection of glassware and when I saw it, it was a no-brainer! In styling any event it’s important to make it personal, and one way to do that is through special touches, like glassware. Mixed matched items are meant to be just that — find a few commonalities in what you decide to pull together (below, anything glass, with or without a hint of gold detail) and most importantly, don’t overthink it. Note: if you’re running short on glassware, ask guests to bring one of their own with them for the event, it adds an interactive element to the gathering and also, everyone will know whose glass is whose!

There are so many beautiful ways to incorporate meaningful aspects, another example is this photo garland (here, the ladies pulled together photos of generations of women in their family); talk about a tearjerker!

  1. Paper Goods: 

LD: Paper goods are an inexpensive way to add detail and enhance any look. Use on the backs of chairs so everyone knows where the guest of honor is sitting. You can also make place cards (we recommend having place cards if you have more than 10 people at your event), or create custom and themed menus!

MY: Paper goods add that final touch that make an event memorable, and well-planned. It’s not easy to quickly pull together a personalized menu, and absolutely takes some time, organization, and determination to stick to what you’ve decided on, but also helps a ton! Annie had a great vision for this menu, and by deciding early on what she wanted to serve, it made the process leading up to the event seamless.

The gathering made for such a wonderful afternoon, and at the end of the day, that’s all you can hope for — enjoy the celebration, the memories in the making, and shower the bride-to-be with lots of love!

Ps. Like this article? We’ll be sharing more photos and details from Jayne’s bridal shower, plus additional styling tips in the upcoming spring issue of #mollymymag. I’m so excited for you to see the entire feature!