The Perfect Instagram Photo

May 16, 2015

If you ask me, one of the best tips for taking the ‘perfect Instagram photo’ is lighting. If you follow my Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that I hardly ever take photos at night, there’s a reason for that – for my particular Insta-style, snapping pics with natural light is crucial; that said, make sure (especially for foodie shots) lighting is on point. Be beware, too much natural light can washout a photo (but I kind of love that); my favorite time to take pictures is typically any time after 4pm and before the sun sets. I actually love a good rainy day with a little cloud coverage – if it’s light outside but also slightly gloomy, you won’t be fighting the direct sunlight and your photos will be left with a soft, glowy sheen. Other tips: utilize a mat white or other simple, clean backdrops when shooting, and play up the brightness and contrast tools directly in Instagram, it’s really the best for simplicity purposes (I typically don’t use any other photo editing apps). I have lots more to share on this topic and promise to dedicate a full post with additional tips and tricks soon!