My Thoughts: Why Cutting Your Hair Is A Really, Really Good Idea

September 26, 2016

Change is good, we all know that, yet we allow ourselves to get caught in a routine — perhaps a routine we might not even enjoy, but for some reason feel we need to uphold — maybe due to cultural norms (in this case, girls should have long hair and boys should have short hair). We only have one life to live, so, should we not be allowing ourselves more freedom, room for change, growth, whatever else we’d like to try — yes, right? I think so. 

Recently, I went from long hair, to a bob — the shortest my hair has ever been in my adult years. Like most women, lengthy locks made me feel pretty, or so I thought. Why is sexual confidence tied to the length of one’s hair? I’ve wondered this a few times. 

As silly as it sounds, it seems most women are afraid of cutting their hair — I know I was, until one day I realized just how ridiculous that fear was. I told one of my friends I was thinking of cutting my hair and she gasped, “are you suuuuuuure… but, your long hair is so rich. I would never, I’d be too scared.” People would literally stop me on the street to touch my hair or compliment it and it was easily one of my “qualities” that I would have said is a favorite of mine. I too loved my long hair, but I also knew nothing else. 

However, when I cut my hair, I felt more empowered than ever — the idea that I had to look a certain way was challenged and looking “different” than my normal self – felt… really, really good (not to mention, this shorter do has minimized blow drying in half)! I quickly noticed that cutting my hair intrigued others – people I hadn’t spoken to in years were texting me for “more photos” of my “new hair” – and so many people commented on how brave I was, as if I had done something outlandishly off-norm. Had I…? – not at all, but it was a big change and self-directed change draws attention.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – false – just because something isn’t “broke” or “wrong,” doesn’t make it “right” – and though it may be hard to see, there are so many other ways to do things and change can help us see ideas, life, and most importantly, ourselves in a completely new (and sometimes improved) POV. Think about it.

I’d never tell you to go cut your hair per-se, but what I will tell you instead, is that it’s a really, really good idea – and for so many reasons – appearance aside. (BTW, you really areeeee beautiful no matter what and I’d like to note: if your hair isn’t healthy, long hair isn’t doing you any good). Any time you switch things up you’re challenging yourself to self-accept outside your comfort zone — and that’s where the magic happens. Sometimes a fresh cut is just the first nudge we need. 

Forget what you’ve heard, what you’ve thought, and possibly what you’ve felt – fear less, change more. 

And as for me — the bob will stay, with no plans of it growing out any time soon. 

Have you made a big change recently? I’d love to hear about it. Share in the comments section below.