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When we picture an art collector, images of fur-draped women with elegant gloves and an opera-length cigarette holder à la Holly Golightly may come to mind. Basically nothing like an actual, relatable person. As essential as art is to our everyday experience, the industry often remains shrouded in mystery. It can be easy to believe that collecting art, or even understanding how it works, is beyond you. As a gallery owner, I’m here to tell you — you’re not alone! There’s so much more to the art world, including a space for you. There’s no one way to be an art collector, just like there’s no one way to be an artist. Art belongs to everyone, and there’s no budget or style that should limit you from starting your personal collection…

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Liz Lidgett

Gallerist and Art Expert

Liz Lidgett is an art gallery owner, advisor, and collector based in Des Moines, Iowa. She’s on a mission to change the narrative of the art industry by advocating for the growth of women and minority artist representation and making art collecting accessible for anyone, regardless of their budget. She opened Liz Lidgett Gallery in 2019, a gallery where artists are paid fairly and quickly, and the client experience is approachable and non-pretentious. Fueled by the idea that art is for everyone, Liz spends her days helping people build collections that are thoughtfully sourced and truly unique to them.