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Kids in the Kitchen

The Importance of Cooking With Little Ones

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It’s hard, it’s messy, it’s time consuming, and there may be a million things you’d rather do in your kitchen, but cooking with kids can be incredibly rewarding for all parties involved (that means you too — the adult in the room!). Giving children the tools to be successful cooks — the technique, know-how, and hands-on experience — is handing them a skillset that will be useful for their entire lives. Whether they use that knowledge to dress up their survival ramen with an added egg and spinach (yay for protein and veggies!) or hone their craft to be the next Food Network star, they’re bound to get something out of the experience, even if it’s only quality time spent together.

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Deirdre Doyle

Influencer, Food Educator, and Children’s Cookbook Author

Deirdre Doyle is an award winning influencer, food educator, and children’s cookbook author, but her most important title is mom. Her business, The Cool Food School, is on a mission to help children eat a better diet by making food fun!