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Nature’s Palate of Inspiration

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We’re all attuned to changing with the seasons. The clothes we wear, the foods we eat, our skin and hair routine, even our daily activities shift with the tilt of the earth. The warmer months seem lighter, brighter, and airier, and the colors around us can reflect those feelings. Whether you’re updating a few key pieces in your home or fully outfitting a summer getaway, these hues evoke the longer, lazier days ahead.

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Kay Prestney and Becca Cherry

Authors of “A Home for All Seasons”

Becca Cherry is a photographer and designer with a regular Substack following. She specializes in visual storytelling for thoughtful, nature-inspired creative small businesses and brands. An artist and maker at heart, she can often be found learning a new craft, especially those that are textile based. Kay Prestney is an interior designer, art director, and stylist whose work has appeared in Country Living, House Beautiful, The English Home, and Apartment Therapy. She runs creative workshops for small brands and makers. Kay’s consultancy offers commercial and residential design services with a focus on sustainable, biophilic design.


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