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Doing your taxes can be, well, taxing. It’s hard enough mustering the focus to start them, and the rules and fine print change from year to year. What’s the best way to tackle this annual chore? Do you hire an accountant? Are online services reliable? Before you shove your documents deep in a drawer and hope Uncle Sam doesn’t come calling, take some advice from CPA Andrew Delorm, who’s here to help us make sense of the madness.

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Andrew Delorm

Audit Senior Manager at Deloitte

Andrew Delorm is an Audit Senior Manager at Deloitte. With 12+ years of experience, he focuses primarily on audit clients in the power & utility industry, specializing in renewable energy. His day-to-day activities are centered around leading audit teams, planning projects, and collaborating with other account professionals. He is also a member of the Deloitte Diversity & Inclusion Committee.


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