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The Summer Issue is Out Now!

collage of different accessories and clothing articles perfect for a "tomato girl summer"

It’s Tomato Girl Summer

As summer wanes, shades of Barbie pink shift to a more subtle, rustic-inspired look. #TomatoGirl, like most trends, comes in many iterations. A quick search for Tomato Girl on TikTok brings up makeup tutorials for sun kissed, dewy skin, juicy red lips, and possibly a few artfully added freckles. With a nonchalant headscarf, a smocked white top, and a patterned skirt that could just as easily be made by your grandmother as bought at an expensive boutique, you’ve nearly completed the Mediterranean aesthetic that’s all the rage…

Woman's hand with oval engagement ring.

Engagement Ring Insurance

Insurance (don’t yawn on us!) is something that has affected people and their families for such a long time. Whether or not it’s the people in ancient societies of Rome, or a newly engaged couple in the United States, the truth connecting us all is that we are, and always have been, afraid of bad luck.

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