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Heart Centered Heritage

Chocolate’s reputation as an all-around favorite has origins dating back 4,000 years. Though the confectionary crowd-pleaser we know today goes through a few chemical processes (and cups of sugar) before it’s Hershey-perfect, its foundation is the cocoa bean. Known as the “food of the Gods,” drawings and texts of sacred Mayan, Aztec, and Olmec rituals feature cacao trees and the special vessels made to enjoy the bitter drink made from its seeds in daily use and ceremonies. The ancients revered cacao for its ability to induce a clear-minded, blissful state that enhanced sacred spiritual pursuits. The mighty, mystical plant was so valuable, there are records of cacao seeds being used as currency throughout the region’s pre-Columbian era. We sourced the raw truth about this beloved bean from cacao expert and instructor Kathryn Rogers, Founder and CEO of Maya Moon Collective, an organic cacao and craft chocolate café and event space dedicated to creating a healthier world through cacao…

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