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France on a Motorbike

How to Vacation like You’re a Career Traveler

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I travel for a living. Here’s how I vacation: This summer I had the opportunity to experience France on two wheels. There’s something so utterly raw about traveling by motorbike, and looking back on this trip reminds me of just that. It’s early mornings, riding through cities as the sun comes up. It’s seeing the world whizz past and people-watching at traffic lights. It’s not caring about how you look, only how you feel. It’s unpacking and repacking tank bags every morning and night. It’s snack stops and espresso shots. It’s having zero distractions — focusing only on what’s in front of you.

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Hannah Dace

Writer, Photographer, and Creative

Hannah Dace is a writer, photographer, and creative who spends most of the working week on the move, photographing hotels around the world for Mr & Mrs Smith. She loves to tell travel stories through light, shadows, and limbs (you’ll often see the legs, arms, and backs of her boyfriend and best friend in her photos). She recently launched a limited collection of prints, which you can find on her Instagram @hannahedace.