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7 Things to Do When You’re Expecting


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If you’ve got a positive pregnancy test on your hands, or hope to one day soon, the biggest favor you can do for your body and the tiny one you’ll be growing is to get proactive about your hormones. Healthy babies require healthy mothers, and healthy mothers require healthy hormones. A medical evaluation is essential. Taking the initiative to understand your levels can greatly increase your chances of conceiving and ensure a successful gestation period. Here are seven tips to help assess your hormones to support fertility…

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Alannah Slingsby headshot

Alannah Slingsby

CEO and Founder of Moment

Alannah Slingsby is the CEO and Founder of Moment, a health femtech startup focused on testing and treating hormone imbalances with a whole-person approach — from the comfort of your own home. The platform has helped hundreds of women and is currently available in many states across the country.