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Calming Tides


a road winding by a mountain range and beach

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While it’s true “mama said there’d be days like this,” not all days are meant to be the same. Most of the time, we keep to our trusty routines, and feel satisfied knowing that the tasks were crossed off, the emails were sent, and the laundry was done. However, research has found that we experience incredible mental and physical health benefits when we push pause and deliberately seek out experiences that trigger a sense of awe…

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Julie Frumin, LMFT, M.S. Clinical Psychology

Life Balance Counselor

Julie has over a decade’s worth of expertise providing mental health support services to individuals, families, and Fortune 500 companies. Her custom stress management workshops include Life Balance, Improving Focus, Mindful Living, and The Power of 10 Minutes. As a licensed therapist with an M.S. in Clinical Psychology her speciality is helping clients assess what’s working and what needs loving attention.