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Deciphering Divorce


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Alex Beattie is a successful Hollywood producer with the shows “HAPPYish” and “Outsourced” under her belt who juggled her career while navigating a challenging divorce. To help others demystify the daunting, transformative separation process, she and friend Jenny Pithie Co-Founded Divide & Thrive, a digital divorce planner, blog, and action-oriented brand that helps people considering or going through divorce prepare in advance so they save time and money, and create the best next chapter of their lives. We spoke with Alex about what to expect when embracing the work of dividing and thriving.

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Alex Beattie

Film and Television Producer

Alex Beattie is a seasoned film and television producer currently working on projects for Amazon, WBTV, and Freevee. Her company Divide & Thrive was built on the belief that “sharing your life experience with others to make their lives better is what we’re here for.” Her pioneering work in divorce planning has been featured in The New York Times, Parents Magazine, and Real Simple. Alex lives in Los Angeles with her two children and a ridiculously large cat named Charlie.


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