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Get in Touch With Energy and Your Intuition 

Guidance cards to tap into your potential

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Every single thing on this planet is energy. Energy is the light source that connects everything. You can’t see this light with the naked eye because of the rate it moves (like a radio signal), but you can feel it. For humans, 93% of communication is non-verbal; we read people’s energy and situations all the time. We’re built to use these abilities to help us move through our lives with ease.

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To help souls connect to that energetic part of themselves — the light part of them, Become Light Guidance Cards were created. To strengthen their intuitive gifts and connect to the unseen light that is in everything.

It’s the energetic part of you that’s creating every single thing around you. Most of us have had the experience of hitting a wall in life, regardless of how much effort we put into accomplishing something. That’s because energetically, there’s a block, a block that no matter what you do physically, the energy will still be there. People or situations will still read that energy the same way.

You’re a powerful creator, and once you start to hone in on your creator’s capabilities, you can have greater control over your emotions, your reactions, and your life. Help put the power back in your hands, and these cards are here to do just that.

Use these cards in many different ways. A few suggestions would be:

  1. A card a day. Ask the deck the area you should have at the forefront of your mind today to handle anything to come.
  2. Need clarity on a specific situation? You can pull a card for the past, present, and future of that situation.
  3. You can ask what ingredient is missing to open up the ability to make more money, bring in a relationship, or allow your career to be more fulfilling.

There’s no wrong question you can ask, and you can get as detailed as possible with different layouts. These guidance cards help lead you in the right direction to unlock your knowledge that you are a creator and have more control of your life.

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Valerie Mya

A deck of 30 cards to assist you in connecting to your intuition and strengthen your ability to live energetically.

Learn more about Valerie at and check out her articles in our winter ’20 and summer ’21 issues of My Mag.