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Our Internal World

Creating Positive Pathways

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Our world is filled with tons of internet advice, tips and tricks, and memes on how to live your best life. While beautiful in nature, these are often outwardly focused: how to land your dream job, how to be successful, how to make new friends, etc. Of course, these are all things that contribute to a fulfilled life, but beyond the external goals and desires, it’s important to prioritize our internal world.

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Michelle Maros

Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director at Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life

Michelle Maros has a deep desire to help people find happiness, which has led her to her role with Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life. She is a journalist, certified holistic health coach, and registered yoga teacher. She leads workshops and seminars on mindfulness, meditation, and personal empowerment at the Boca Raton Regional Hospital and Florida Atlantic University, and teaches mindfulness tools to teens through The Barb Schmidt Fellowship for Cultivating Community Involvement, Activism, and Social Change.


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