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Your October Astrology Guide

Hello, Scorpio. Eclipse Season Dawns.

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Sever What’s Stifling. Let Yourself Air Out. October is a whole big thing. It’s Scorpio season. It’s eclipse season. Ready or not, you’re being pushed to let the old things die off and clear space for new growth. Take a picture now, because the person you’ll be at the end of this month will want to see where they started.


October 14th brings a New Moon solar eclipse in Libra. October 28th brings a Full Moon lunar eclipse in Taurus. Both of these huge game-changers are ruled by Venus. With that in mind, entertain the love and money possibilities that present themselves this month, but don’t commit yourself just yet. Not all cards have been shown. Wait until November before making bigger deposits. Anything and everything is fair game to disintegrate or keep you sane. Imagine cellular mitosis. Before the cell splits, there’s a dramatic tug-of-war; a stretching and warping of the core components. That’s October. Parts of you will be stretched and stressed until they separate and split off. It may not feel like it, but this schism is meant to bring about a much smoother, peaceful daily experience. Read on for intel on what you can count on this October when all bets are off.

Horoscope for Everyone:

After the full moon in Aries, joy, creative drive, physical energy, and overall lust for life feel weighed down. Whatever fulfillment was sustaining us to keep on going in the routine has dried up. The exhaustion and confusion hitting now are pushing us towards voluntary surrender. Put something down. Stop participating in the things that feel like an uphill slog. Look for a sense of lightness and relief after you quit; that’s the sensation to focus on. Note: Don’t immediately fill this cleared space with something else. Let it air out.

How to Use This Lull:

  • Focus on activities that let the mind loosen and wander with no agenda.
  • Read a book you’ve been meaning to get back to.
  • Fiddle with a creative pursuit. Music, painting, clay, crafting, sewing, or knitting. Cook or bake with no attachment to a delicious presentation — just try something out to see if it works.
  • Check out a local fair/fest/market and ask questions about the things you resonate with.
  • Take a day trip to a nearby scenic escape: museum, hiking trail, botanical garden, unexplored part of town.


For utmost accuracy, read in order of your rising sign (major theme), moon sign (inner theme), then sun sign (outer theme).
aries sign


How can I run with recent gains and launch myself higher? After a rather successful summer, this month is about doubling down on one or two ventures to catapult from. Don’t shy away from vulnerability; by sharing your honest desires with someone, you strengthen the bond and allow them to help you find what you want. Focus on attracting prospects that pay out in both the short term as well as the long term.

Taurus sign


Am I ready to break free? You’ve got some great momentum and opportunity going, don’t shrink back to the old stencil now! It’s time to expand, and you’re hungry for the validation and the challenge, but you have to bust out of limiting beliefs to seize it. Make sure your old thinking patterns aren’t sabotaging your current growth trajectory. Focus on attracting aha-moment epiphanies and reassurance that you can walk away without everything falling apart.

gemini sign


What perspective am I missing? Summer brought a lot of community involvement, showcasing your best to those locally. Take a step back by going beyond. An excursion is in order. Immerse yourself in a completely new location where you get to be the quiet observer. Get a taste of how a different community operates and focus on attracting the right realm to expand into next.

cancer sign


Do I still want to be in this enmeshed business arrangement? Have someone else’s words and codes become your primary language? Are you pouring valuable time and love into something that encourages you to grow through exciting challenges? Or are you locking yourself in a dark box? Focus on attracting occupational endeavors that welcome and thrive in your unique, personal light.

leo sign


Am I spending my money where my heart is? Your body and/or bank account is feeling burnt out. Look for a new wellness expert or financial prospect in your community. Interview one or two new professionals. Acupuncture? Float therapy? Craniosacral? Massage? Find your go-to person, someone you can develop a report with who’ll know you and work with you over time. Focus on attracting the right therapy or topic to study/offer, and be ready to invest a little money here.

Virgo sign


Can I ask for the help I need? Virgo is having a massive renovation year. The crumbing is very humbling. Fears are being faced financially, physically, and philosophically. You’re going to have to swallow some pride and ask for help. Focus on attracting the right allies and new friends. This is a temporary chaos, and you’ll be even more self-assured when this blows over.

libra sign


Where did I get carried away? You may have overdone it last month, and now you’re starting to see the bill. Physically a little sore, tweaked, or bloated. Financially a bit over-extended. You probably owe some TLC to friends, family, co-workers, and pets. This month is about getting back on track in a better way than before. Be realistic about your health; eating, exercise, and sleep. Watch where you waste time and money. Focus on attracting the right habits and systems into your daily routine.

scorpio sign


Is the person I see myself as on the inside the same person that’s making decisions and having conversations on the outside? You know what you want, and you know what you bring to the table. Why aren’t you leading with that? This is your birthday month. Show up and speak up. Allow anything that doesn’t compliment or appreciate your full authenticity to drop off. Focus on attracting the grounded, evolved you in every action.

sagittarius sign


Am I working with the right people? If you’ve fallen into a comfy rut of passively reflecting the status quo, this is the month to take back the reins of your own life. Examine the workplace and friendships you’re surrounded by. Do they inspire creativity and stimulation? Or a pleasant but sedentary loop? Focus on attracting an out-of-the-box meeting to pry you out of the same-old and reignite your self-expression. Expect some unexpected shadow work!

Capricorn sign


Why am I biting my tongue? Ask the burning question! Say the thing that needs to be said! You’ve shied away out of respect for others’ belief systems and spiritual journeys, but it’s time to speak. Your truth matters, too! This could also be pushing you to finally enroll in the class you’ve been wanting in order to transform your career. Focus on attracting the confidence to have the necessary conversations.

Aquarius sign


Where does your money come from, and what are you trading for it? Anxieties arise around the balance of personal freedom and making ends meet. Where can you stop spending to afford yourself more peace of mind? Focus on attracting the right methods and willpower to cleanse physically and mentally. If you don’t have a meditation practice, now’s the right time to start one.

pisces sign


Who even am I these days? People keep popping up demanding your attention, leaving little time to get in touch with the person you’ve become after some substantial identity shifts. Make some time to study who you’ve landed at and journal about the more impactful events recently faced. What are your strengths? What’s most important to you now? Focus on attracting songs, movies, and books that provide a window into your core being.

Stay tuned for next month’s horoscope reading!

Jess Rose is a personal astrologer. Find her podcast, “Lunar Energy Advisory with Jess Rose” on Spotify and Amazon Music for everything you need to know about each full and new moon event in just 10 minutes! To get your complete natal report, book a reading at