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Mastering Manifestation

Letting Go to Bring It in

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We all have dreams. We all live in reality. The eternal question thus becomes how to turn our dreams into reality. “Oh, you just need to manifest it,” your social circle replies. But how does that actually work? If you’ve tried vision boarding, meditating, and journaling, yet only wound up “manifesting” frustration and disappointment, let’s take an honest look at what you’re hoping to bring in and why.

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Cathy Heller

Spiritual and Business Coach

Cathy Heller is a bestselling author, business coach, and spiritual truth seeker helping people create joyful lives of abundance and purpose. “The Cathy Heller Podcast” features conversations with leaders like Deepak Chopra, Chelsea Clinton, Matthew McConaughey, and Malcolm Gladwell. Join her movement to add your gift to the world.